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With more than 10 years of experience in software ​engineering, I have achieved two patents in network ​synchronization of fire panels and braille displays. My ​contributions to a project that utilized real-time detection ​of incidents earned my team recognition and an award ​at MEF2019. My expertise encompasses several areas, ​including containerization, cloud security, embedded ​software, networking, and Linux kernel development. My ​passion for engineering and robotics drives me, and I ​enjoy volunteering as a mentor for US FIRST teams to ​help develop the next generation of engineers.

Career ​Highlights

System and method for synchronization of ​networked fire alarm panels

Braille cell and associated pin support and ​pin actuation assemblies

MEF2019 Service Assurance award for the ​demonstration of real time automation of ​network performance improvements ​backed by blockchain billing.

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jaime+dev \AT jaime.com


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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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